Special retirement old age homes in Kerala for NRIs

The Design and Facilities in these special luxury Retirement Homes in Kerala for NRIs will be so designed keeping in mind that the residents are ageing and will eventually be disabled. Safety inside the villa will be of prime concern. Floors will be absolutely skid proof even when wet, electric switches would be so placed that it is easy to operate from a wheel chair.

Split levels and steps will be avoided as far as possible. Ramps will be built in for transfer from Cars to the bedrooms on wheel chairs. Master Bathroom will be so designed for eventual use by a disabled person. Networking with broadband Internet facilities, In-house entertainment system and an alarm for emergency situations will be provided for each villa. The whole design of the villa will be based on the fact that the residents will be over 60 years of age now and in 20 years will be 80+. This will be the best option for retired people wanting a comfortable living in a luxury home in Kerala. This Kerala Villa Project with Luxury Villas in Kerala will be better than any Old Age Home in Kerala.

Every villa will have big solar water heaters to provide running hot water 24x7 and also to have sufficient hot water to circulate through heaters (radiators) placed in the bedrooms and drawing room. The whole house will be heat insulated with an insulation material like Thermocole (expanded Poly-Styrene) sheets.

Central common back up generators will be provided for times when there is no electricity in the colony for extended periods. For the first half an hour of electricity cut or outage, a battery backed inverter system will kick in to provide electricity to a few essential electrical points in each house. Depending on cost the batteries may be charged using solar panels.

It is preferred that we engage one Architect to design the houses for the colony. Every one will be consulted, but it is preferable that we all go in for a common design of the house. It is suggested that each house has 2 bed rooms - Master and Guest bed rooms - on the ground floor. Essentially we want to build single storied houses with a concrete flat roof and the whole roof covered with tile shaped Aluminium sheet. This way each house will have a roof top hall and also protect the roof from rain and sun.

Once we form the group, we shall discuss all this and come to a joint decision as to what is to be done.

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