Common Facilities provided in Kerala Villa Project

Residents will have top class common facilities as detailed below. The promoter of this project is an NRI of many years in Dubai and has a villa in a famous villa compound in Ernakulam for the last 20 years.

Since I am well aware of the shortcomings of the stereotype common facilities normally provided by the leading housing colonies, our specialised Villa Project for retired old people will have many unique features designed for old well to do people like us. The Security and Common Facilities will be better than the best in Kerala and especially designed for Kerala Retired Life.

For these superior facilities it will cost more every month. The selected people for this unique Kerala Housing Colony will not be stingy in this respect. In fact the Housing Association of our colony will not be trying to collect the monthly maintenance money every month from the residents, but instead, this money will come from the interest on a fixed deposit (explained in our page on 'House Costs') kept by the residents.

Security and common facilities in Kerala Villa project

  1. Round the clock 24x7 ex-commando or similar Security Guards at the gate and Security guards doing the rounds during the night.
  2. A shop within the villa compound for essential items and grocery
  3. A Canteen with cooks and delivery boys within the villa compound. Orders can be done either by phone or orders placed from the menu over the inhouse internet. Prices will only be to cover the costs. The Canteen will have the best catering equipment and will even cater for parties of the residents. Will employ at least two good cooks.
  4. An accountant cum campus manager will be employed by the house owners Association who will cash personal cheques of residents for up to say Rs. 1000- during emergencies and will also make payments of the residents for utilities like telephone, current bills, etc.
  5. The house owners association will hire on monthly salary maids, gardeners and drivers for the service of its members. The maids, gardener and driver services will be ordered by the residents with the campus manager. Residents using their services will have to pay a per hour charge to the Residents Association.
  6. A luxury mini-bus will be bought by the Residents Association for the use by the residents. Daily or on alternative days, the bus will make trips to the nearest town. Residents using the service to pay a nominal ticket fare. The driver can be used for errands in town, like posting letters and for some minor shopping, like medicines from a pharmacy.
  7. The three or four drivers employed by the Residents Association will also have knowledge of plumbing and electrical work, so that they can also double as maintenance technicians of the colony.

Club House in the gated villa complex in Kerala

A club house will be built in the colony and will have the following facilities

  1. A hall capable to seat up to a 100 persons for any function of the residents
  2. An indoor table games room with carrom and billiards / snooker tables.
  3. A library subscribing the main magazines and will also be an exchange for books of the residents.
  4. The colony canteen.
  5. Card Room for residents to enjoy games like Rummy.
  6. A Gym room with thread mills and other exercise machines

Staff Quarters and Clinic

Just outside the main gate of the colony a staff quarters to accommodate the colony staff will be built. Some rooms will be available at a charge for overnight stay of drivers and such visitors of the residents.

An optional outpatient clinic, on or near the main road, for use by the public and, being a part of our colony, our residents will be given VIP status. We hope we will be able to get one or two doctors to be part of our colony. These doctors can be in charge of running the clinic. The clinic will have sophisticated first aid and resuscitation kits, same as in an ambulance of an advanced country.

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